Monday, March 27, 2006

The Grass Valley Curse

Posted Originally on December 12, 2003


When I first came up here in 1979 I remember going to several restaurants that were absolutely horrible; specifically, Round Table Pizza, which is a chain restaurant and one would expect it to be the same at every location--wrong! The Grass Valley location was bad. I remember a friend inviting us to Sacramento, and he suggested Round Table for dinner. I told him “I do not like RTP.” He replied with “You cannot judge their pizza because of the GV location.” So we went, and I was amazed at the quality and freshness of Round Table Pizza in Sacramento.
Round Table is not the only restaurant that has this curse; there are many local restaurants that have it as well, although most may start off with good intentions and have a decent quality about them, in time, they begin to go bad--the food is crap, the service sucks, and the price is outrageous.
I have worked in the food industry in Grass Valley and in other locations, and what I have witnessed is the laziness of the workers in Grass Valley--the non-caring and noncommittal attitude that most exhibit, which effects the entire operation. Restaurants that exhibit these signs eventually go out of business, but there are those that people still patronize because they do not know any better.
Positive note.
Not all restaurants in the Grass Valley, Nevada City, and beyond are under this curse, but most of them are. Although we only frequent a few restaurants anymore, there are restaurants that we do not go to that do not have the curse--we have tried most that cater to or say they cater to the vegetarian diet and avoid those that do not.
The list is not a complete list of all the restaurants in the area but of ones we choose to patronize because of their operation--great food, wonderful service, and not that pricey. LATEST UPDATE: November 2005--things do change.
        •         Afternoon Deli
        •         Round Table (not often)
        •         Subsational

This again is not a complete list of cursed restaurants in the area, but ones that we wish would change their food quality, upgrade their service, and lower their prices--they do not have all these curses, but all have at least one, which makes it impossible to patronize a horrible business.
        •         Amigo's
        •         Margarita's
        •         Chevy's
        •         Maria's
        •         Chili's (will not go anymore)
        •         Villa Venenzia

Winds of Change
Recently, I would say since July of 2003, we have been going to Round Table Pizza for their “Lunch Club” specials. Interesting enough I ordered a “pan” personal size and it came out as “thin” and they realized this and gave me a card for a free “Lunch Club.” When I used it again, there were several employees that noticed I was back and had the “pan” crust. I am impressed at the service and attention that this group of employees is giving--(update November 2005) has it happened since, no.
Neighborhood Hoodlums
This cannot go unsaid, unwritten, or kept silent. Weaver Auto and Jeep, or what ever the heck their name is, is just a few block away and they have this LOUD speaker system they use to page their sales personal. We have asked them to turn it down, but they refuse. They are rude, unneighborly, and have no care for their community. (my letter and their reply to be posted soon)
Movie patrons and theaters
Del Oro used to be the best theater to go to now it is run down and shabby, the sound system sucks. It is the only theater in town with Coliseum style seating--no one in your way of the movie--which explains why I dislike the other theaters in town--YOU CANNOT SEE!

Beyond the terrible theaters in town, it is the movie patrons that ruin the movie experience as well. Yes, I know you get that elsewhere, but here it runs rabid No one know what movie etiquette is around here: they have their cell phones, they make food package noise, they get up and down throughout the movie, and they talk during. You know what? Leave your phone at home, do not eat during a movie (never understood why), SIT DOWN, and SHUT UP!