Wednesday, April 11, 2007

June 28, 2005: ASSHOLES - People in General

Thumper (music?) in the world
Can someone explain the purpose of "rap, hip-hop, or electronica" how dare I call it music, to be played so loud? I do not get it.

I do not care if white people want to listen to black people disrespecting the whites--kind of like a Raiders Fan wearing or painting his house in Denver Broncos colors, or a King's fan with a car colored in the Lakers colors--you want to be an idiot fine, but listen to it at a reasonable level when in a neighborhood and your own home.

Freeway, night clubs, ball games fine, turn it up, but going through a someone's neighborhood or your own, be courteous and turn it down, because people do not want to listen to the low thud of the bass, which carries further than the high end. You can hear the crap a 1/2 mile away. Why, what is the purpose? It is not cool.

And what is it with the lawnmower engine in their cars now? It gives you 2 or 3 more HP? BIG WHOOP. Where do you have to go to need that. I thought Stealth and sneakery were the ways of criminals. And by the way, thanks for spending lots of money for MY entertainment. Yeah, the hub caps, rims, paint job, lights, chrome, colors lights in the wheels, under the car. You do not see it when you are driving, how does it give you pleasure? People look at you, that is what you want? Does it get you laid? People pay to look? Do you become smarter? NO!!! I do not get it. No wonder you work at fast food places or clean toilets for a living instead of actually doing something productive with your life, if you work at all.

Respect - Courtesy - Consideration
What is up with the lack of respect or thought given to others by people today? You see it on the road, in line at the grocery story, at restaurants, but mainly on the road. And you know the worst ones? The well to do lunk heads that drive around in their BIG SUV's with the "United We Stand" or "Support Our Troops" sticker ribbons on the back. So that is what america or being an american is--an asshole, jerk, stuck up, self centered, cut you off, get out of my way or run you over, lazy, meat eating every meal, super-sized consumer?

Then they should level the whole fucking country, because we all deserve it. It's not just about being an american--Oh I used to be proud during the Olympics and other events, but now, calling attention to yourself as an american is like saying "Hey, I'm an ass hole that does not care about you or anything for that matter; come here and let me rob you, kick you, take everything you have, step on you, and then laugh at your for being so stupid."

American's do not care about anything but their own survival, existence, and future.

No one is perfect, I do not say I am, but I do allot of thinking about the world, people, my future, past, and how I think things can be fixed--and none of them are based on any of my own ideas, it is based on history, fact, and my own experiences.

Now when it comes to reminding or showing people the better way or how stupid they are, I will do it without hesitation. Yet there is this instructor at the Vocational school I recently attended and she was saying why, what is the use?

I took her words and agreed, yes, ones that have their mind made up will never change, even when you prove them wrong. I know, I have been there. But, it does feel good, and they know they are wrong, but are arrogant and self absorbed to admit it, thus, making themselves look even more stupid and giving me another reason to eliminate stupid people.

But we were discussing the differences between confusing and misleading an audience and the fact that a bored audience will never return, but a confused one will.

She gave me this attitude that "confusion and misleading are two different things."
I said "Confusion is a form of misleading. Not that you want to confuse them to frustration, but a little confusion, is misleading."

She disagreed and tried to ridicule me in front of the class and get the last word in. I looked it up and confusion, under the thesaurus, has misled as a synonym. I emailed her this and said "Sometimes the student is correct." No word back on it and probably not.