Thursday, October 30, 2008

America the F'd Up

Has anyone looked outside their own world, their own bubble, their own measly little existence on this planet?

I find it hard to put in words what this nation has come to. and this election is ripping the fabric of our society into shreds—if there ever was any to begin with.

To be honest, neither one of these candidates is really suited for th job, neither one of them is going to help the country, neither one of them does not understand the American people; they only know their world and what they think we want them to promise us.

Come on. Be honest with yourself for the first time. Take your immoral or moral stick out of your ass and tell the truth.

Yes, we are upset. But are you upset because you might lose what you've gotten used to? Or upset for a truly caring reason for someone or something other than your own self?

When you wash away the layers of defenses, opinions, feelings, beliefs, brainwashing you have gone through all your life, and the self centered, looking after number one attitudes, you will realize that the time you live on this planet is nothing compared to how long this planet has been here.

My point. In 5 - 10 years, if not sooner, all this BS you people are yapping about will mean NOTHING. If you do not believe me look into the history books and into your own past. There is at least one thing in your life you thought was going to be the end all, the life changing thing you could not live without. The old saying "Time heals all wounds." Does come to fruition.

And for once in your life, please, please, before talking out of your ass about something you do not know about, get your facts straight and get your information from more than just one source.

BUZZ WORDS: (these buzz words are for you to ponder there true meaning, the facts behind them, and do they hold up today.

(it is BS and used by people to hide behind and pretend to be patriotic without really understanding what it means to be patriotic)