Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It is Still F'd Up But...

Wow. I had no idea that it could have happened. I mean I wanted it to happen, but never thought it would.

He may not be the best choice, but America was fed up with the Busch regime. I know I was. Oh my gosh people, and you still wanted him? I don't understand. I don't get it. You want to be poor, no jobs, no environment, no security, no foreign friends. no future.

Of course it is NOT his fault; he is not completely to blame. It's not like he has any control or anything. Wait... If he doesn't then what is the big deal who is President? But it seems to me that it does matter, so it is his fault.

Anyway. I am so fed up with people saying crap that they have no idea what they are talking about. WHY do you want McCain? WHY?

I can hear why some don't want Obama. Terrorist, Muslim, Black, and so forth, but do you have proof? Real knowledge of these claims? NO. You don't. Just what you see on your brainwashing shows.

Terrorist: What facts do you have? Has he been convicted? Just because he is known to have associated with someone who claims to be a terrorist that makes him a terrorist? So then I guess you have gay tendencies, you're a thief, a killer, a liar, a slob, or anything else negative about people, because you know you have one in the family or you have a friend that is one, or they know someone who is. So are you, by way of guilt by association. So look in the mirror before calling people names.

Muslim: Hmm. And being Christian is any better? I know better than that. All religions have their issues.

these buzz words are truly held by the holder and that is all—they are opinions only and hold no truths to them.

Just because you BELIEVE something does not make it true. (I believe the world is flat.)
Just because you THINK that something should be, does not mean it to fact. (I think the world is flat)
Just because you HOPE, doesn't mean anything. (I hope the world is flat)

I read that someone is worried because the world is happy about our new president. This person thinks that our enemies are happy that we voted in Obama. The FACTS are: the rest of the world is happy that the tyrant is out of office, and maybe we will keep our nose in our own business. The rest of the world is not our business. in some ways it is, but if we want to have the right to have a say, then instead of the President of the United States doing something about it, we need to have a President of the World. That way something can be done with respect to all involved and concerned.

More on this FACT is that no matter who is president, we still have the best and most powerful protection in the world. Not just with technology, but wioth the people that are in it. American soldiers. So, if someone wants to start some shit, we will finish it. And if you think Obama will cut funding for the military, then guess what? We have the militia, the reserves, and the American people. We will not give up. I don't care who the President is.

Obama was not my first choice, I will be honest, nor was he my choice when it was between him and McCain. Because yes, I read into the Muslim crap, the terrorists connections, the Pastor of his church, but I looked at McCain and the Busch regime, and said, you know what, this guy is a change, and we need change, for the better or for the worse, either way, we cannot stay on the same path that we have been on for years.

I'd rather take my chances with Obama than another 4 years of the crap we have been living with.

And if Obama steers us wrong like some of you say he will, I know for a fact that he will not last very long, so what the heck does it matter?

Give him a shot. What do you have to lose? Honestly. Nothing. You've lived through worse and you know you will again. So except it, shut up, and move on. At least be grown up enough to watch and see what happens. If it does, then you can say "I told you so." Until then....