Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sexual Preference or being gay

I grew up with someone who was gay but no one knew until many years after he moved out of the house. That never changed the way I felt about him; it did not change the way I was around him; nor did it change what I thought about him.

What did change it all was the fact that he was always talking about it; always mentioning it — like it he had to prove something to me, himself, or the world; and he always had to be the center of attention — him and his gayness and his young studs he would go to Hawaii with and not stay and see us for more than a day at Christmas.

I have no phobia. I can careless what anyone does in the privacy of their own home and bedroom. So why does anyone else care? What is the big deal? I mean come on, really? And why do they have to let us know?

This ban on gay marriages is for what reason?

1) God did not invent marriage MAN DID!!! Yes man did! Not God. Open your freakin mind and see the facts.

2) Now intercourse is for pleasure but also for the creation of human life. You cannot do this with a woman and woman or man and man — artificial insemination and adoption do not count. A man and a woman can only make a baby —— this is what those religiosos might be talking about, if you follow that God created man and so on.

3) I can see the need to show ones commitment to another by marrying someone, but other then that and a few tax benifets, what are the advantages to a married couple over a single person? NOT MUCH.

Let them get married and suffer are sufferings.

4) Now if you believe that being gay is a disease, a genetic defect, or a choice, doesn't matter what you say, think, or do, they will not go away; either with with violence or prayer — I've been praying that hip hop and rap would go away. [still waiting]

5) we get back to my intro. WHO CARES?!? I don't care what you do in the privacy of your own home and bedroom! Unless it is making bombs, child porn, or something as odious as those then yes I do care — it is wrong. But sexual preferences and activities? Grow up. It's none of your business. You liberal, self indulged, got nothing better to do than effect everyone else just because you're not happy.

Do you care whaty I do in my bedroom with my wife? [pervert] Do you care that I'm straight — if that is the oposite of gay. Does it make me a better person? Does it make the gay a worse one? Does it effect their judgement?

Well if you're going to pick on gays, then what about Jews? Just pulled a word out of the air. [but they have been picked on] What about Mexican's, blacks, vegetarians, hippies, the coporate elite.... You know thinking about it everyone has been picked on.

The question now is who is doing the picking?

Look in the mirror and ask that person if they are the purist; the most upstanding citizen; an honorable human being; never lied, never stole anything, never had bad thoughts about anyone... I know the answer. NO... NO ONE IS!!!!!

So what is the fuss about? You really got nothing better to do? Your pitiful life is that boring you have to screw it up for everyone else? Point it at yourself and pull the trigger. Give yourself and us a break.

The below article was the last nerve I could take:
BOISE, Idaho – Barack Obama's campaign promise to scrap the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy gave Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach hope. Now the aviator is wondering if the president will deliver in time to save his 18-year Air Force career.
The winner of nine air medals for distinguished service in flight, including one for heroism the night U.S. forces captured Baghdad International Airport in 2003, Fehrenbach is in the process of getting kicked out of the military a year after an acquaintance told his bosses he was gay.
He thought he could hang on until the government eliminated the military's policy forcing gays and lesbians to keep their sexual orientation secret, but now he isn't so sure.

I go back to: WHO CARES if you are gay or not? Keep your sexual orientation to yourself because I do not care and what relevancy does it have to anything?

Oh. Those religiosos are the ones who need to clean their own noses and dust from the pantry as they have high ranking prests that go for young chior boys. Now that's just wrong.Technorati Tags: gay, sexual, who cares, grow up, marriage