Monday, November 11, 2013

Aria Pictures and Breckport Media Solutions

I still feel the same way about inconsiderate, self-absorbed, ignorant people, if you can tell by some of my earlier posts; however, I have come to the conclusion, that venting, although fun at the time, really does no good, cause the people you want to change are too stupid to know they should or do not know how, or just don't care; and other than getting violent, protesting, and terrorizing people — which is not in my character — it's just a waste of my time and stress level.

I am a nice, caring, and supportive person: those who know me, know that.  When people don't care about others, they get on my nerves.

So I now do my venting in my writing #AriaPictures Aria Pictures and that basically does it for me.

Still in the Grass Valley Area as Breckport Media Solutions. My two partners and I have created the KIOSK at the Greater Downtown Chamber of Commerce: Visitor Center for the Sierra Vintners' Association.  Go take a look at the awesomenes it is.

My film production company Aria Pictures has completed several films: Petite Chardonnay, the WATERING hole, and THE GOLdEN TREE to name a few.

All done by great actors and a wonderful crew.

To view a few of them or their trailers you can see them on the Aria Pictures You Tube Channel.