Monday, February 22, 2016

You are to blame for this mess

I do not chime in often about politics, religion, or people lives in general, but as those that speak and have no clue, I also have the right to do so, whether my voice is heard, listened too, or understood, that is a different subject.

American People Are to Blame for the Mess

Yes, I said it, wrote it, think it, and know it.  Open your eyes, your mind, and heart and you will see it as well.

What has become of America is the fault of its people - YOU!

How you live your life, who you work for, who you support and give your money too — this also means what you buy, consume, and watch — as well as, who you - think- you vote in -- if you are still one of those that think your vote REALLY counts in the Presidential election, please educate yourself about the electoral college. Yeah, we are all led to believe that every person makes a difference, but not this case.

You are being fooled to believe that ONE person, again, who you think you voted in and supported, is going to make a difference in your life by helping you get a job, make more money, buy a home, buy a car, get an education, get your kids and education, keep you safe, protect you from companies that want to give you faulty products and services, protect the environment for you to enjoy and share with your family, keep the air safe, give you clean, safe, and nutritional food anywhere, and a myriad of other topics, subjects, and matters that YOU as an american are concerned about.

Sure, the current president may have done some good things, but that is balanced with all the bad things as well, so in the end it is a wash for the average American, maybe a plus for a minority group or groups, but in the end it half the country will praise him the other half will be glad his participation is over leaving America with what?  MORE OF THE SAME CRAP that you hoped would be fixed.

Oh and here comes a new one this year, and look who you have to choose from.

WOW. Really?  OH MY GOSH.  You people are IDIOTS!  You need to open your eyes and look what you are doing to yourselves.  DO IT!  Do not lie or hide behind some old-fashioned ideals that you think it will get better. because it has not.  You are just LYING TO YOURSELF.

What do any one of those know about your plight, needs, and wants, let alone do they really even care about them?  They will tell you yes, but they LIE!

But there are those that have a different agenda — their agenda!

It is all about them and what they can TAKE from you and the system.  It is a selfish game they play, all about them.  I have rights, I deserve this, or I am just going to take it because I can, and if I can't what are you going to do, shoot me?  Put me in jail?

These people do not play nice with anyone.  Just like certain terrorists — you do know that terrorist means someone who causes terror to someone else, not just a foreigner making trouble?  EVERYONE has the potential to be a terrorist, and BULLIES are terrorists.

These terrorists cannot be reasoned with, they don't want money, they don't want love, and they don't care about YOU.  Their main goal in life is to cause destruction, chaos, hurt, and pain to anyone and they hide behind some self righteous religion.

Politicians, large corporations, and certain entities have their own agenda.  NO NO.  I am not against making money.  They have the right too, and if they make the best product whatever it may be, than anyone else, who should they not make millions, or billions,  but if that money is used to stomp on the little people that say they can do just as good, then there is a serious problem.

ANYWAY.  I am bored, one of the reasons I rarely do this is because it is so simple that no one gets it, or wants to get it.  You are happy living in your little pretend world where you think things are perfect, and that is where they want you to be.  Ignorant, stupid, and bleeding for them.

 You want to fix the problem?

If you have woken up and opened your mind and want to change, really change the world, then you need to have discipline. Take the time and learn about everything you bring into your life. People, products, information, and such.  Learn where it all comes from, the root of the origination.

I do not buy anything from Nabisco, because its parent company is RJ Reynolds, a tobacco company, and I despise smoking which is a corporate, healthcare, and government creation (yeah I know people have been smoking for ever), that makes you BUY the product at an exorbitant price, then have to get medical attention when you get older, because it is NOT GOOD FOR YOU!  But again, STUPID people still do it.  There reason is also stupid. "Because you can't tell me what I can and can't do." or "I am a rebel and I don't care what you think."  Doesn't matter their reasoning, they are just brainwashed by the whole system to kill themselves.  Do you really think smoking is GOOD for you?  They want you to smoke so you are now on their leash for the rest of your life.  And you thought you think you were a rebel, you think you are independent, and again, you are lying to yourself as they are lying to you.  I would laugh if it was not so sad.

Learn where you spend your hard earned money, learn who you are giving it too and see of they meet your beliefs, or whatever is important to you.  Life, family, kids, health, environment, safety, or whatever.  You are going to be amazed and surprised where and who has been receiving your hard earned money.  It is possible to topple a large corporation or get them to change their bad business practices if everyone would just educate themselves about their own lives.

I have given you plenty to ponder if you are worthy to even breath the air and look up into the sky and think about others before yourself.

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